Vapor Blasting

HCTS offers great vapor blasting services for any building, flooring, or equipment that requires cleaning. Prior to applying our epoxy coatings, it is crucial to clean any rust or debris off of the surface area. Our Mississauga epoxy coatings specialists also offer vapor blasting services as a standalone option for those who do not require our epoxy coating services. Our Mississauga epoxy coatings specialists understand that some items simply need to be cleaned, degreased, or have old paint stripped away. Our vapor blasting services are perfect for:

  • Motorcycle & automotive parts
  • Steel surfaces
  • Brick or concrete surfaces
  • Non-ferrous metal
  • Sidewalks
  • And other surfaces!

Our Mississauga epoxy coatings specialists will use special equipment to mix the appropriate amount of abrasive blast media with water in order to create a slurry for our vapour blasting services. This slurry will then be sprayed onto your surface via a nozzle with compressed air. The water in the mixture helps to remove debris from the surface safely and efficiently. If you have any questions about our vapor blasting services, or our epoxy coatings or power washing services, please contact our Mississauga epoxy coatings team! Our friendly and professional Mississauga epoxy coatings experts have the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver top-quality vapor blasting services to any industrial, institutional, or commercial property throughout Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke, Milton, Brampton, Toronto, and other cities in Southern Ontario.

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